Welcome to Style Freelance 360°

We all must go through a transitional time in our life, which I refer to as “Tha Evolution”! No I’m not speaking of the Big Bang Theory.. Although for some it may feel like it!

This is when all things that create the identity of our outer shell needs a makeover. A point where it’s time for us to take a good look at our body in a mirror, (start from the bottom and work your way up).. toes, feet, legs (don’t ignore the knees), thighs , hips, stomach, chest, arms.. You get the point. Then when you get to the central point.. Don’t get confused with these instructions. This is not an attempt to find fault of what’s wrong but to realize that loving your self does require the ability to Evolve.

All things that identify you are not meant to be mocked by another. So why must your Style be cloned!

Style Freelance 360° is going to take you on a  360° view of what fashion is, why it is, and who is within it. Just as you have taken  a look at your own body, SF360° will show you how the would of fashion evolves


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