A Dainty Piece of Fall

The cold has come amongst us, and as we bundle and layer on the cashmere, cotton and wool blends. We can’t forget to keep it dainty.  The winter is for hibernating our lovely delectable’s,  but here just a few accessory’s  that will be eye candy year round.


Brass Safety Pin Earrings

Brass Safety Pin Earrings | $16.00

OFiNA - 3 Tiny Bead Erriangs

3 Tiny Bead Erriangs | $42.00

Company: OFiNA

Location:  San Francisco, CA.

Website : http://www.ofina.net/


DEHNE | $140.00 | Leather

Company: ALDO

Location: United States

Website:  http://www.aldoshoes.com/us


Rock & Republic | Alexa Open Toe Platform Sandal| $274.11

Company: Rock & Republic

Location: World Wide Distribution

Website: http://rockandrepublic.com



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