Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2009

Take me into the future.. with focus on neon Hot Pinks, Lime Green, and Boldly Gold,  goes beyond an average runway show. From the lights, to the metallic feathered angels… “Boom Boom Boom”,  seemed to be more of the melodic fierceness coming from the pumps, rather then surround sound Black Eyed Peas..

All aboard as the bell-hop  cast away the sexy and un-tamable catwalkers..

LOVE PINK.. Yes in deed..  think candy land gone wild.  Offering sweet goodness.. and hopeful desires pasted on the most desirable part of a women.. As the third segment of the show went wild for Love Peace and more glitzy metallic.

In  a mix of a  satin retro’s 20’s style fishtail ensemble, Fergie says peek a boo.  It’s hard to determine if it’s considered lingerie or just another risk-a couture, to rip the runway. Or should I say stage

Heidi Klum, a pure Cocoon of Beaute,  adorns a feather bodice. Followed by her co-catwalkers, with combination of peacock, to shear medieval sleeved robs.. as this segment  ending with  angel wings fit for  the most graceful canaries ….

During intermission of it’s televised air time, the commercials played it’s part.. urging me to go online and make an instant purchase of a hot pink french/retro number.  Although the current love steam in my life would be satisfied with me wearing one of his tee shirts. Who would turn down a Victoria’s Secret Angel Skirted Bikini peach number.


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