The Freshmen

Today I had the pleasure of co-styling Hip Hop group  The Freshmen, along with Music Producer THX, for a photo shoot.

I must say that these guys are so fun to work with. They kept the energy constantly going. Between the sarcastic comments directed towards each other. Or the colorful gesture made by A. Wolf of how an outfit fitted on Kristo. I didn’t know if I should laugh, or make a swift grab at a plaid collar shirt  for a wardrobe change. THX’s  creative flavor was full throttle on the set. As he brought his Southern Cal vibe, to a Northern Cal location.

Every fashion stylist has a time when they want to execute a look on someone that would not normally wear such an out fit. A. Wolf was my victim. Or at least  I  attempted for him to be. He had a way of saying “I’m not wearing this bleep bleep”, without saying it.  He constantly kept the jokes coming. So my attempt was unsuccessful.

The Freshman is defiantly a breath of fresh air to the rap game.

Please Stay tuned for pictures from the shoot.


The Freshmen

For Booking and Info Contact

Roger Winder 209.346.3800 and/or

Production Team:


Amari (TopKat), Christian, Madelynn

Foot Candle Productions

Fashion Stylist:

Christian Yra &  Haniyyah Shabazz


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