New Year in New York

So I took it upon myself to take a trip to NYC for the New Year.  Now I have this love/hate vibe between us.  The reason being, New York is not a friendly place in the winter. There’s a term that the weather forecasters like to use on the east coast “Below Degrees”. Californians are not use to this term. Here are  just a few things that I should have received a check list on before visiting.

1. You must be prepared to wear layers, and layers of clothing. From head to toe. Not just one layer. But 2-3

a.) Two hats (a hood on your coat coats is acceptable as one)

b.) Leggings are not to be worn as a single pant. This item is

now a undergarment

c.) Gloves (2 pairs if you opt for leather). I personally would not

suggest leather due to the brisk wind.

Fashion Center

2.) Boots that are not 4-5 inch heels. High enough to keep your lega warm. This will help in preventing frost bit from starting at your toes.  Something that you wont mind walking in, climbing stairs.

3.) Don’t take New Yorkers rudeness personal. At one point I found it to be attractive that a man would be so direct in his approach. But when you.


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