MAV Foundation Fashion Show

This weekend San Jose McEnery Convention Center,  hosted the 2010 International Auto Show. There were plenty of conservative trucks, luxury toys, and muscle cars in the main wing of the Convention center.  My favorite… The 2010 Aston Martin

There is something about this car that screams Sex Kitten (that being me in the car). Trust, this baby is way out of my league, but I will defiantly be trying to obtain her (for a lifetime)!  This car is such a beauty. I ran into her once, and was caught back when I stumbled across her in the halls of the Convention Center. I kind of went into a day dream, imagining myself stepping out of it on a Miami summer night!

Ok, Breath! Let me snap back to the subject at hand… Fashion

In the south wing of the convention center, is where the Extreme Autofest was being held. This was the more playful, custom race rockets and speedster. This was just a mere shadow of the real benefit show being put on by the MAV Foundation.

The MAV Foundation held a 5 designer Fashion Show. All of which were a few of Bay Area’s Independent Fashion Designers.

The Show started with a  solo artist Arnelle, who was also the host for the fashion show. During part of her performance she was accompanied by beatboxer MIKEE MIC. Although these two came with raw style, the crowd was unmovable.

There was also performance’s by Hip Hop artist  “Nump”,  of 3030/Sick Wid It Records,  one of Bay Area’s anthems ” I Got Grapes”.  The closing of the show ended with one of Vallejo’s upcoming artist  Gudah”, from A.G.N.B entertainment.

***Stay tuned for photo’s and Video footage of the Show***

For more on the MAV Foundation:


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