Praying for Haiti

Style Freelance 360° wants to send our prayer’s to the people of Haiti, and their loved ones in other countries. As the media continues to say that Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the west hemisphere, we must realize that we are  ALL connected. The devastation is being felt around the world, regardless of the lands poverty level. When something of this magnitude effects any land, we must snap back from all of our luxury lifestyles, frills, and material things. Nothing is has more importance then life it self (360° of life)!

Its sad that mother nature makes us snap back, and take stance, in order  to give support to other places that are not well off. This should happen way  BEFORE a disaster strikes.

People of Haiti and those descending from , we will keep you in our prayers.

For more info on how to help relief efforts:

American Red Cross – 1-800-RED-CROSS

Americares – 800-486-HELP

Clinton Foundation

State Department Hotline – (888) 407-4747


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