Dusty Finds

On a recent trip to NYC, a friend introduced me to a local vintage spot in Jersey City, NJ called Hello Again Vintage. This boutique style had a collection of odd finds. Some of which I figure was never meant for purchase, but it defiantly added flavor. This was one store that yo could spend a couple hours in picking through each item, trying to figure out what you wanted, why you wanted it, and what you could do to vamp it up!

The boutique was reminiscent of shops located on Haight street or Hays street in San Francisco. Your guaranteed to find a non-traditional souvenir.


Hello Again Vintage Store
120A Bowers St.
Jersey City (heights), NJ 07307

If your in the San Fransisco  area  I must say that Piedmont Boutique,  located on Haight street always was one of my favorite stops for a shirt or tank top that was sure to make many eye’s partured from one’s head. Although this store can be considered a woman’s store, filled with lingerie,  sexy stockings, bustier, and what ever else is the essance of a sultry women. I must say that it can be a fashion stylist haven for propsm and toys with a unique feel. Oh and for the women whom likes to play dress up for her man (as a un-traditional character) you will LOVE what you find!


Piedmont Boutique

1452 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117


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