Wear is the Green

Some may think that Going-Green  is merely a trend, but In the fashion world, it is a serious topic. If your within this industry, and developing a clothing line,  and you want your company to stay competitive,  it would be wise for you to direct your attention to this mass awareness.

Branding your company as Eco-Friendly, will not only generate a clientele that will stay with you, but you will also be helping in eliminating the use of chemically treated fabrics, jewels, and  products.

There are several eco- friendly designers that are setting the tone, by creating stylish pieces. Which are unique in structure, color, and textile. Many designers can get creative with the products that they use. Ranging from corn, bamboo, news paper,  recycled cans, and soda bottles.

There are also several annual events, that devotes it’s self to recycled fashion.

Designer’s/Boutique’s Offering Eco Friendly Fashion:


Eco-Citizen – www.ecocitizenonline.com

1488 Vallejo St.

San Francisco CA. 94109

(415) 614-0100


Eco Panda Swimwear – www.eco-panda.com

13405 Telegraph Road Ste. 187

Whittier, CA 90605


Linda Loudermilk –  www.lindaloudermilk.com





www. warehausboutique.comWarehauswarehausboutique.com

519 Cleveland St.  Ste-103

Clearwater, FL. 33755

(727) 441-8100




Oya Eco-Couture | www.oyaecocouture.com

2235 Village Walk Dr. #157

Las Vegas, NV.

(702) 228-3261

New York


Textile Companies:

EcoGanik  www.egedeniztextile.com

Article.1 www.article1.net

Loomstate www.loomstate.org



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