The weather in San Francisco/Bay Area was just as perfect as one could hope it to be for the last summer holiday of 2010.  No matter where your heart settled, there should have been no complaint. Unless your like me, and  decided to check out the annual Labor Day Sales, you may have been a little disappointed. I know I was! Highly shocked to discover that No store had a good sale going. Not a one. I can remember the days when you would see ever person strolling through Union Square, or Broadway Plaza carrying a Brown Bag from Macy’s. Not today!

Urban Outfitters  had slim pickings for use to be my favorite stop. UO is not one of your most traditional retailer which advertise their sales, but what was definitely 2-3 months old was barley 75-60% off.  Unless it was defective. Even that was $19.99 and red inked Final Sale.

It appeared to be more window shoppers, rather then impulsive splurges on deep discounts, off season clearances. As me and another eager shopper walked into Nordstrom and was greeted by dry non-enthused sales people. Is the economy so bad that the quality of customer service a customer may get is pre-historic to zero?

So  I question. Where did the yearly Labor Day sales go? Is the days sifting through every retail rack in the store to find your size obsolete? Are we expected to huddle the family around the computer monitor, and piece outfits  together via the web? I love new technology, but there was so much more value in the old traditional shopping.


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