Kanye West’s ‘Runaway’ Video – Art or Artificial?

Clearly his runaway hiatus  overseas.  has broaden  the right side of his brain. Does it make sense? Even Kanye could not give an answer during his  interview Rocsi of Bet 106 & Park. Might I add,  she is one of the worst people they could have picked to interview him.

It is said that everyone has a purpose.  Kanye West is defiantly a messenger  whether he understands it or not. Kanye’s talent is beyond what many can  appreciate. Leaving some to question where his expression of art is coming from.

Kanye West’s  music should be  laid  on a fine piece of gold vinyl, and placed inside a bullet proof glass case.    From the music on his runaway movie (from album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy), sounds to me like it will be one the hardest albums dropped this year.  Kanye mos defiantly is a force to be reckoned with!

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Release Date | November 22, 2010

Director | Kenye West

Written By | Hype Williams

Costume Designer | Phillip Lim and Martin Izquierdo


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