As a California native, and no stranger to the underground Hip Hop scene for his new mixtape titled “The Colored Man”,  Gudah has relinquished from the traditional, and trendy wave of Hip Hop’s current direction. Bringing a flavor that appeals to a broad generation of music lovers.

Formally an artist of A.G.N.B (All Gas No Brakes), Gudah has been affiliated with artist such as Baby Bash,  The Stooie Brothers. Compilations  with  Katmann, Haji Springer, and TopKat, just to name a few.

Having released numerous mix-tapes (Gudah Collabs in the Lab / Private Parts vol.1 / Vitamin G / The Shooting Range),  he continues to hold his on, with no need to ride the back of any camel. Although many critics claim that Bay Area Hip Hop has become dry land. As one of  SoulWater Entertainment’s independent artist, he is determined to bring libation to it’s thirsty beatnik legions. Making it even easier for a quenching experience Download “The Colored Man” free @ www.gudah.com

For more on this artist:

Site: www.gudah.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gudah

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gudah/133700059978267


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