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As a California native, and no stranger to the underground Hip Hop scene for his new mixtape titled “The Colored Man”,  Gudah has relinquished from the traditional, and trendy wave of Hip Hop’s current direction. Bringing a flavor that appeals to a broad generation of music lovers.

Formally an artist of A.G.N.B (All Gas No Brakes), Gudah has been affiliated with artist such as Baby Bash,  The Stooie Brothers. Compilations  with  Katmann, Haji Springer, and TopKat, just to name a few.

Having released numerous mix-tapes (Gudah Collabs in the Lab / Private Parts vol.1 / Vitamin G / The Shooting Range),  he continues to hold his on, with no need to ride the back of any camel. Although many critics claim that Bay Area Hip Hop has become dry land. As one of  SoulWater Entertainment’s independent artist, he is determined to bring libation to it’s thirsty beatnik legions. Making it even easier for a quenching experience Download “The Colored Man” free @ www.gudah.com

For more on this artist:

Site: www.gudah.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gudah

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gudah/133700059978267

Kanye West’s ‘Runaway’ Video – Art or Artificial?

Clearly his runaway hiatus  overseas.  has broaden  the right side of his brain. Does it make sense? Even Kanye could not give an answer during his  interview Rocsi of Bet 106 & Park. Might I add,  she is one of the worst people they could have picked to interview him.

It is said that everyone has a purpose.  Kanye West is defiantly a messenger  whether he understands it or not. Kanye’s talent is beyond what many can  appreciate. Leaving some to question where his expression of art is coming from.

Kanye West’s  music should be  laid  on a fine piece of gold vinyl, and placed inside a bullet proof glass case.    From the music on his runaway movie (from album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy), sounds to me like it will be one the hardest albums dropped this year.  Kanye mos defiantly is a force to be reckoned with!

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Release Date | November 22, 2010

Director | Kenye West

Written By | Hype Williams

Costume Designer | Phillip Lim and Martin Izquierdo

Kelis – Flesh Tone

This women never seems to amaze me. With her zest for creativity, and outside of the box thinking.  Kelis,  is of the very few female artist whom manages to stay true to their persona, within a industry that is dominated by men.

Artist | Kelis Album | Flesh Tone (Release Summer 2010)


Director | Chris Cottam

Photographer| Rankin Wolves

Wardrobe Stylist| TBD

Mind Motions Birthday Bash

Some of the Bay Area’s Urban Trendsetters stepped out Wednesday April 7th, in celebration of Mind Motions (of Pirate DJ’s) Birthday @ Mighty,  in San Francisco.

This was defiantly an Aries affair (Happy Birthday Mind Motion), fused with the  top DJ’s of the Bay Area.  The party was a See & Be Seen event. If you didn’t hit this up you defiantly missed out. There was live Performances, one of which was  R.OD.  doing his new  single ” I Can’t Stand You”

The nightlife…

As many start to drift away from the traditional clubs and gather into a more lounge setting, a question has arisen to “What is appropriate attire”? This question is a little easier for men to answer, but for Ladies its a different realm of complication, and common sense that some just don’t get.

Ladies ladies ladies. I was HIGHLY irritated at the lack of style, and respect of the outfits worn at this event. There is no excuse why some ladies dress in the to too  many skirts,  skimpy , un-classy, I do everything nasty dresses. Which look like it belongs on a stand alone doll. With fabric so thin, it creates a new Eco friendly, and defiantly cost effective fabric.  My suggestion … it should be called “papermachcotton”.

Don’t get offended if this described your look for the evening. There is truly ways to make this work, f you MUST wear this. It requires accessories, proper shoes, and heels that don’t that don’t have glass at the bottom.

This look was pulled off well in the late 1960’s and 70’s.  So with all the boutiques, forever 21’s, Barney’s, Macy’s, Thrift stores.. I just don’t see why one should fall short on wearing it right,  and wearing it well NOW!

The Freshmen Photo Shoot

As promised… Here are a few pics of the Bay Area Hip Hip group “The Freshmen”  & Music Producer ” THX ”


From Left : A-Wolf,  Kristo, and THX

There has been many great things that get produced in the LAB …


The Freshmen

For Booking and Info Contact

Roger Winder 209.346.3800 and/or

Production Team:


Amari (TopKat), Christian, Madelynn

Foot Candle Productions

Fashion Stylist:

Christian Yra &  Haniyyah Shabazz