Give into the spirit

That’s right it’s the season of giving. There’s many ways to give from your heart to your beloved family, and friends (or even the UN-loved). Strangers (needy panhandlers) that you pass by throughout the year with a cup in hand, looking for spare change. We all may be guilty of acting like their  invisible, or we’re in such a rush  that taking one second to dig into our wallets  or pocketbooks would cost us our life.


With so much going on in the world, even within our own lives, sometimes we forget to give back. Not always does it require monetary giving, but with budgets across the country being cut it’s up to us as a community to to help our non-profits survive.

Below are just a few organizations, offering many ways to donate as an individual or as a corporation. If your looking to make a difference in the lives of others, especially our youth, today is a good day to start.

Happy Holidays From

Style Freelance 360°


Loaf Co.   

Local Atlanta Farm Company

Ways to donate:

A More Excellent Way (MEW)

Serving Solano County

“Engaging the Faith Community to Improve the Breastfeeding Rates of African American Women”.

DIVAS with S.O.L

So Thankful, So Grateful

When:   December 22nd |  6:30-9:00

Location: Berkeley Mill Showroom

                    2830 7th Street

                    Berkeley, Ca. 94710

                    Donation: $20 Minimum

The Girls Group 

Serving the Los Angles and San Diego Areas

Location: 873 Citronella St.
                 Lemon Grove, CA 9194

Teens Rockin’ Things 

Launching in 2013

Teens Rockin’ Thing’s is an innovative Nonprofit Organization that is determined to physically, visually and mentally inspire YOUTH!

St Vincent de Paul – Alameda County

Please note that Style Freelance 360°, is not affiliated nor do we endorse any of the above Non-Profit Organizations listed on this post