Indie Designers ~ Shopping Extravaganza

Looking for some unique, and worthwhile gifts this holiday season? Well  Haute Holiday’s just may be the answer, presenting you with a  one stop shop this Sunday December 2nd, 2013.

There will be many independent local designer at what is expected to a festive shopping extravaganza.


Coco Loco’s Organic Jewelry
Dr. Cory
Dee Find Shoes
Elisa Gonsalves Designs
Halo Bender
Hipstirr Belts
Lauren Rassel
Miss Velvet Cream
Miranda Caroligne
Gita Salem (S & G Design)
Seasonal Apothecary
Silver Lucy Design
Skin on Skin
Tamo Design
Tooth n’ Nail
Warrior Within



Harlem PoP… A PoP Up Expereince Shop

Society HAE & Talented Tenth Media Presents…

Harlem PoP
A PoP Up Experience Shop In The Heart of Harlem


Marketplace | Art Gallery | Performance Space

Shop The Collections of Local Emerging Designers –
– Discover Up + Coming Music Artists-
View Art Work –
– Sample Food from top chefs and bakers –

Sat 11am – 7pm | Sun 12pm – 6pm

2037 National Black Theater Way (Fifth Avenue)
New York, NY
Today 10/10/10
Paintings By:
Baja Ukweli
Nina Norwood
Live Performance By:
Denitia Odigie

Paws on the Runway

All though we dedicate ourselves to posting things that represent the independent artist. We also love the fascinating, and unique. New York is one place in the world that always emerges the unique things that creative minds has to offer. So I tried not to be too surprised when I stumbled across information on the “Pet Fashion Week”. Yes for your pets.

If your not an animal lover this may not excite you, but for those of you that are (such as myself) GET EXCITED. I don’t think it would be an A-list celebrities frenzy, eager to sit in front row.  Although the dog whisperer Cesar Millan should be a must! Pets have even hit the runway in such cities as Brazil.

Source: Pet Fashion Week 2007

Balinese Pooch | Source: Pet Fashion Week 2007

Balinese Pooch | Source: Pet Fashion Week 2007

Source: Pet Fashion Week 2007

Source: Pet Fashion Week 2007

Source: Pet Fashion Week 2007

The Chihuahua of  Scarlett Johannson, and tea cup Yorkie pups of the likes of Paris Hilton, or Serena Williams pup  Jackie (her jack russell ), would be the cutest things to see pawing the runway.

So if your in the New York area, have some fun at the Pet Fashion Week (weekend), Saturday August 21,  and Sunday August 22, 2010.

For More Info Click on image

Wear is the Green

Some may think that Going-Green  is merely a trend, but In the fashion world, it is a serious topic. If your within this industry, and developing a clothing line,  and you want your company to stay competitive,  it would be wise for you to direct your attention to this mass awareness.

Branding your company as Eco-Friendly, will not only generate a clientele that will stay with you, but you will also be helping in eliminating the use of chemically treated fabrics, jewels, and  products.

There are several eco- friendly designers that are setting the tone, by creating stylish pieces. Which are unique in structure, color, and textile. Many designers can get creative with the products that they use. Ranging from corn, bamboo, news paper,  recycled cans, and soda bottles.

There are also several annual events, that devotes it’s self to recycled fashion.

Designer’s/Boutique’s Offering Eco Friendly Fashion:


Eco-Citizen –

1488 Vallejo St.

San Francisco CA. 94109

(415) 614-0100


Eco Panda Swimwear –

13405 Telegraph Road Ste. 187

Whittier, CA 90605


Linda Loudermilk –






519 Cleveland St.  Ste-103

Clearwater, FL. 33755

(727) 441-8100




Oya Eco-Couture |

2235 Village Walk Dr. #157

Las Vegas, NV.

(702) 228-3261

New York


Textile Companies:





Japan Fashion Week Wrap Up!

The Beautiful People


Japan Fashion Week October 19 – Sat, October 24,

As Japan Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2010 comes upon their last days , from around the globe, SF360° watches in full awww awaiting to see the next big look to circulate into our major stores from overseas inspirations.

Fashion as we all know is influenced by everything that goes on daily within our economy, current events, war, technology. Everything we could possible think of manages to appear in the influences of the garments that are design, constructed and then selected for us as consumers to purchase. Although the fashion industry as a whole has seen a turn of events due to the slow and slumping economy. That alone will not stop the dedicated fashionista’s and the designers whom transcend runways across the world.

Yes Japan we see you doing your thang over there!

G.V.G.V  DesignerSpring / Summer 2010


My Heart Beats for Fashion Presents….

Fashion & Foto Fridays

This Friday October 23rd, 2009

8p.m. to 12a.m.

Sugar Cafe

679 Sutter St. San Francisco


This is a HOTT event for San Francisco Bay Area artist to rub shoulders with other right medulla individuals. This event is sure to create a Creative frenzy.  Models, Hair Dressers, Makeup Artists, Photographers… and Stylist.. who could ask for more.