History As We Know It

Each culture has a contribution to the world of fashion, dating back centuries. Across the world there are innovative companies preparing to introduce new textiles, cuts, tools, styles, and many other things. Such stands true as we celebrate black history.

We bring light to black pioneers that have changed the industry as we know it.  Jan Matzeliger, found something that need that needed to be perfected, and in 1880 he invented a model show machine.

Jan Matzeliger September 15, 1852 – August 24, 1889

Jan Matzeliger
September 15, 1852 – August 24, 1889

JanMatzeliger-workThe lasting-shoe machine was built out of hardware bits, and could produce shoes 10 times faster, then the amount of shoes that a hand lasters craftsmen could sew manually by hand. Which at the time was only 40 shoes per day.

Mr. Matzeliger was first offered $50 for his invention, and knowing it’s worth he declined the offer. He then begin working on a much larger machine, in which he was then offered $1,500. Which also he declinedJanMatzeliger-Invent2

In 1889 the demand for Jan Matzeliger shoe lasting machine sky rocketed, and companies grow internationally from his invention. In the late19th and early 20th centuries Lynn, Massachusetts became the shoe making capital of the world19th and early 20th centuries.


Jan Matzeliger, died 6 years after his invention, but is still remembered as a pioneer that changed the productivity of fashion as we know it.  JanMatzeliger-Invent


Fashion Wardrobe Stylist Conference

It’s not often that events get posted outside of the events section of this blog, but I have a strong feeling, and think this is a “Must Attend”, for Fashion Stylist.

No matter what industry you are in, it’s always good to keep up with the new, and need-to-knows of your trade or field. Especially when you skill is unique, and competition within the industry can be over saturated.

The cost of this event is $449.00, which includes 1 Conference Pass, Lunch, a Certificate of Completion, and Parking.

For more information:

Site | www.fashionstylistconference.info

Email | fashionstylistconference@yahoo.com

Paws on the Runway

All though we dedicate ourselves to posting things that represent the independent artist. We also love the fascinating, and unique. New York is one place in the world that always emerges the unique things that creative minds has to offer. So I tried not to be too surprised when I stumbled across information on the “Pet Fashion Week”. Yes for your pets.

If your not an animal lover this may not excite you, but for those of you that are (such as myself) GET EXCITED. I don’t think it would be an A-list celebrities frenzy, eager to sit in front row.  Although the dog whisperer Cesar Millan should be a must! Pets have even hit the runway in such cities as Brazil.

Source: Pet Fashion Week 2007

Balinese Pooch | Source: Pet Fashion Week 2007

Balinese Pooch | Source: Pet Fashion Week 2007

Source: Pet Fashion Week 2007

Source: Pet Fashion Week 2007

Source: Pet Fashion Week 2007

The Chihuahua of  Scarlett Johannson, and tea cup Yorkie pups of the likes of Paris Hilton, or Serena Williams pup  Jackie (her jack russell ), would be the cutest things to see pawing the runway.

So if your in the New York area, have some fun at the Pet Fashion Week (weekend), Saturday August 21,  and Sunday August 22, 2010.

For More Info Click on image

Sex In The City 2

You can be sleep at Midnight Monday, Tuesday, ______, Thursday and Sunday’s.. and any other Wednesday BUT today.

If you are any kind of a Fashion Whore, @ Midnight tonight is when we will all congregate at our local theaters. For no other reason then..

Sex in the City 2.

Please check you local newspaper listings or better yet Fandango the damn thing!

MAV Foundation Fashion Show

This weekend San Jose McEnery Convention Center,  hosted the 2010 International Auto Show. There were plenty of conservative trucks, luxury toys, and muscle cars in the main wing of the Convention center.  My favorite… The 2010 Aston Martin

There is something about this car that screams Sex Kitten (that being me in the car). Trust, this baby is way out of my league, but I will defiantly be trying to obtain her (for a lifetime)!  This car is such a beauty. I ran into her once, and was caught back when I stumbled across her in the halls of the Convention Center. I kind of went into a day dream, imagining myself stepping out of it on a Miami summer night!

Ok, Breath! Let me snap back to the subject at hand… Fashion

In the south wing of the convention center, is where the Extreme Autofest was being held. This was the more playful, custom race rockets and speedster. This was just a mere shadow of the real benefit show being put on by the MAV Foundation.

The MAV Foundation held a 5 designer Fashion Show. All of which were a few of Bay Area’s Independent Fashion Designers.

The Show started with a  solo artist Arnelle, who was also the host for the fashion show. During part of her performance she was accompanied by beatboxer MIKEE MIC. Although these two came with raw style, the crowd was unmovable.

There was also performance’s by Hip Hop artist  “Nump”,  of 3030/Sick Wid It Records,  one of Bay Area’s anthems ” I Got Grapes”.  The closing of the show ended with one of Vallejo’s upcoming artist  Gudah”, from A.G.N.B entertainment.

***Stay tuned for photo’s and Video footage of the Show***

For more on the MAV Foundation:  http://www.mav-foundation.org/

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2009

Take me into the future.. with focus on neon Hot Pinks, Lime Green, and Boldly Gold,  goes beyond an average runway show. From the lights, to the metallic feathered angels… “Boom Boom Boom”,  seemed to be more of the melodic fierceness coming from the pumps, rather then surround sound Black Eyed Peas..

All aboard as the bell-hop  cast away the sexy and un-tamable catwalkers..

LOVE PINK.. Yes in deed..  think candy land gone wild.  Offering sweet goodness.. and hopeful desires pasted on the most desirable part of a women.. As the third segment of the show went wild for Love Peace and more glitzy metallic.

In  a mix of a  satin retro’s 20’s style fishtail ensemble, Fergie says peek a boo.  It’s hard to determine if it’s considered lingerie or just another risk-a couture, to rip the runway. Or should I say stage

Heidi Klum, a pure Cocoon of Beaute,  adorns a feather bodice. Followed by her co-catwalkers, with combination of peacock, to shear medieval sleeved robs.. as this segment  ending with  angel wings fit for  the most graceful canaries ….

During intermission of it’s televised air time, the commercials played it’s part.. urging me to go online and make an instant purchase of a hot pink french/retro number.  Although the current love steam in my life would be satisfied with me wearing one of his tee shirts. Who would turn down a Victoria’s Secret Angel Skirted Bikini peach number.