Fashion needs a breath of fresh air

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Looking for new, and fresh designers with more the just T-shirts. From baby clothes, women’s, and mens wear, accessories (hair decor, shoes, scarfs, jewelry), to fetish designer (yes leather, latex, whips, ect) We want to hear from you.


(No matter where you are in the world)

Bangkok, West Africa, London,  Sudan, New Zealand, East Asia

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GXBA Fashion Show

San Francisco Fashion Designer Daniel Sudar presesnts “DRIVO” @ Runway of the World Fashion Show. tonight October 22, 2010. This will be Daniel first Fashion Show that he delivers in the  San Jose  (South Bay Area), and I assure one of which they may have been anticipating to see.

DRIVO, is part of his first and second  Fashion Collection.  With his background in culinary arts, it should be of no surprise the flavor of style and elegance his collection provides. Although precisely tailored, his suits also bring a urban chic-ness to the runway.

If you are in the San Jose area this evening, suggestions are highly recommend to attend this event.

GXBA (Globalization X-change Bay Area)


Runway Of The World

Globalization, Technology, Fashion and Culture Inc.

Friday October 22, 2010 | 6:30pm-10pm

Hotel Valencia Santana Row
355 Santana Row
Courtyard (3rd floor)
San Jose, CA 95128


For tickets:

Wear is the Green

Some may think that Going-Green  is merely a trend, but In the fashion world, it is a serious topic. If your within this industry, and developing a clothing line,  and you want your company to stay competitive,  it would be wise for you to direct your attention to this mass awareness.

Branding your company as Eco-Friendly, will not only generate a clientele that will stay with you, but you will also be helping in eliminating the use of chemically treated fabrics, jewels, and  products.

There are several eco- friendly designers that are setting the tone, by creating stylish pieces. Which are unique in structure, color, and textile. Many designers can get creative with the products that they use. Ranging from corn, bamboo, news paper,  recycled cans, and soda bottles.

There are also several annual events, that devotes it’s self to recycled fashion.

Designer’s/Boutique’s Offering Eco Friendly Fashion:


Eco-Citizen –

1488 Vallejo St.

San Francisco CA. 94109

(415) 614-0100


Eco Panda Swimwear –

13405 Telegraph Road Ste. 187

Whittier, CA 90605


Linda Loudermilk –






519 Cleveland St.  Ste-103

Clearwater, FL. 33755

(727) 441-8100




Oya Eco-Couture |

2235 Village Walk Dr. #157

Las Vegas, NV.

(702) 228-3261

New York


Textile Companies:







DECEMBER 12th 11am-5pm

Designer: Joui Turandot  | Label: Vagadu

Location: 375 Alabama St. #490

San Francisco, CA 94110

If your looking for a unique piece to add too your closet, or  simply want  turn heads at a holiday party… Make sure you attend Vagadu fall sale.

This Independent designer does not follow the rules instructed in Fashion 101.  Something in which we love her for. Her pieces are not just fashion, but an art form.

Give them something to talk about into the year!


Also a must visit for your holiday shopping is the Isso Boutique. The shop is located in the Noe Valley area of San Francisco. The store carries local designers such as Nicacelly, and She-Bible.

3789 24th Street | San Francisco, CA.

My Heart Beats for Fashion Presents….

Fashion & Foto Fridays

This Friday October 23rd, 2009

8p.m. to 12a.m.

Sugar Cafe

679 Sutter St. San Francisco


This is a HOTT event for San Francisco Bay Area artist to rub shoulders with other right medulla individuals. This event is sure to create a Creative frenzy.  Models, Hair Dressers, Makeup Artists, Photographers… and Stylist.. who could ask for more.