Indie Designers ~ Shopping Extravaganza

Looking for some unique, and worthwhile gifts this holiday season? Well  Haute Holiday’s just may be the answer, presenting you with a  one stop shop this Sunday December 2nd, 2013.

There will be many independent local designer at what is expected to a festive shopping extravaganza.


Coco Loco’s Organic Jewelry
Dr. Cory
Dee Find Shoes
Elisa Gonsalves Designs
Halo Bender
Hipstirr Belts
Lauren Rassel
Miss Velvet Cream
Miranda Caroligne
Gita Salem (S & G Design)
Seasonal Apothecary
Silver Lucy Design
Skin on Skin
Tamo Design
Tooth n’ Nail
Warrior Within



A Dainty Piece of Fall

The cold has come amongst us, and as we bundle and layer on the cashmere, cotton and wool blends. We can’t forget to keep it dainty.  The winter is for hibernating our lovely delectable’s,  but here just a few accessory’s  that will be eye candy year round.


Brass Safety Pin Earrings

Brass Safety Pin Earrings | $16.00

OFiNA - 3 Tiny Bead Erriangs

3 Tiny Bead Erriangs | $42.00

Company: OFiNA

Location:  San Francisco, CA.

Website :


DEHNE | $140.00 | Leather

Company: ALDO

Location: United States



Rock & Republic | Alexa Open Toe Platform Sandal| $274.11

Company: Rock & Republic

Location: World Wide Distribution



Japan Fashion Week Wrap Up!

The Beautiful People


Japan Fashion Week October 19 – Sat, October 24,

As Japan Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2010 comes upon their last days , from around the globe, SF360° watches in full awww awaiting to see the next big look to circulate into our major stores from overseas inspirations.

Fashion as we all know is influenced by everything that goes on daily within our economy, current events, war, technology. Everything we could possible think of manages to appear in the influences of the garments that are design, constructed and then selected for us as consumers to purchase. Although the fashion industry as a whole has seen a turn of events due to the slow and slumping economy. That alone will not stop the dedicated fashionista’s and the designers whom transcend runways across the world.

Yes Japan we see you doing your thang over there!

G.V.G.V  DesignerSpring / Summer 2010