The Authoress

The Aura is very alluring to those that desire to be Bold, Boundless and Beautiful. So I try not to be selfish with my love for life and all things within it.

Who can truly say that they are 100% satisfied, 365 days out of the year. No one! Although you must attempt to do so by all means Necessary

Haniyyah, a  Freelance Creative Artist…
Wardrobe Stylist, Fashion Designer, Writer, Model, Love Child, ect. ect. My attempt at having a successful life is to avoid being bound to any one thing. So I find myself gravitating towards any opportunity which goes beyond the ordinary way of doing things… but doesn’t limit me from  shopping of course.

Having experience in numerous sectors of the Fashion Industry. As a Merchandiser for Gap Inc (San Francisco/Atlanta),  Lava9 (San Francisco) Constructing fashion shows for retailers  such as Destination 1440 (Berkley, CA.), working within the Nordstrom’s Fashion Department (San Francisco).  Constructing and Coordinating Fashion Show’s for private label’s, which were produced by multiple entrepreneurs.  Then there is the passion of  Costume Designing / Wardrobe Styling for Independent Music Artist, TV Pilot’s, Photo shoots, ect.  All of which allowed me to strengthen my talents as a creative thinker.

So as a daily motivation I say

” Determine your path… let no one create a detour but you!”


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